August 13, 2015

Crossroads Art Exhibition

The brief from Passe Relles+

Passe Relles+ association is a managed organization and administered by volunteer members and aims to promote, encourage and build bridges in artistic, economic and social activities in sometimes unusual places and in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect, without any political or religious connotation.

KML E&P’s Brief

We were asked to organise the first art exhibition for Passe Relles+ towards the end of 2014.

What we did was

CROSSROADSs was the first event from the Association, which occured from 28 to 30 November in Eaux-Vives in Geneva.

The Outcome

The exhibition bought together more than 15 artists from different generations and from multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary areas. See more details on the website created for this event.