June 9, 2017

3D Images to promote your space (museum, conference space, hotel..)

Find out about the newest promotional tool for any large space and create a virtual presentation of your space.

This is an outstanding way to promote the space and your services to customers! These are some examples of where it can be used:

a Museum – a large Exhibition Hall or Stand – a Spa – Flats or houses for sale – A Hotels – A boarding school – A Concert Hall


Your customers will be able to discover and make a virtual visit directly on their Smartphone, laptop or even with a mask for virtual reality – From wherever they are!


Discover an example such a film and visit the co-working space  The Impact Hub in Geneva.


How does it work? The functionality is quite simple – a series of 3D photos are scanned on site, and assembled to make such films.

Show your customers that your company is innovative and let them discover the offer from wherever they are!

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